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Sentry Energy: What do they do? What makes them Successful?

There are a lot of successful companies in the oil and gas business; really with the current price of oil it would be pretty hard not to be successful. That being said it is the well run companies that stand out and one of these is Sentry Energy Production. This is a company that goes after the oil that the big companies can’t be bothered with. In a lot of ways they ride the coattails of the large producers but they do it very well.

The thing that makes Sentry Energy successful is that they have pursued a strategy that is quite a bit different from the way that other companies operate. They knew full well that they would not be able to compete with the big players so instead they found their own little niche. The go after the smaller deposits that the big companies aren’t interested in. usually they look for oil in areas that are near where oil is already being produced. This lowers their exploration costs by quite a bit.

The other big advantage that looking for oil in areas where it is already being produced offers is that infrastructure like roads already exists. If you were to go looking for a new deposit you would have to build all of this which can get very expensive. This is why new finds only go into production if they are very large. Since Sentry don’t have to bear the cost of building the infrastructure their costs are quite low. That means that they can be profitable even with a small amount of oil, which is usually what they find.

There is another approach that Sentry Energy uses that takes their basic strategy up a notch. Not only will they look for oil near fields that are already producing but they will also look for it in wells that have already produced. The technology that is used to get oil out of the ground is a lot better than it used to be so a lot of wells that were thought to be dry are in fact not. Since these wells are easy to find and are usually located in areas that are easy to reach the cost of extracting oil from them is very low.

One of the other keys to their success is they way that the company deals with partners. Any Sentry Energy Information that needs to be passed on to investors is done in an open and honest way that ensures that they know what is going on. These investors normally invest in the wells individually so the number of them can vary at any time. You don’t have to be a large investor to participate and the company will treat you as a valued partner no matter how much you invest. This really helps to instill confidence in the company.